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Only 55 days until kickoff!
WHEN: October 22-23, 2016
WHERE: Dayton, Ohio
FEES: U08-U10 $425 7v7; U10-U12 $550 9v9; U12-U15 $600 11v11
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Thursday, Sep 8, 2016
PAY TO: Warrior Soccer Club; adidas WARRIOR FALL CLASSIC - PO Box 24232, Dayton OH 45424
Credit Cards Accepted for Application Fees
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Warrior Fall Classic 2016 Registration is OPEN

August 15, 2016

Are you in the right place? Photo

The adidas Warrior Soccer Club runs two tournaments a year; spring and fall
August 01, 2016

US Youth Soccer

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Warrior Fall Classic 2016 Registration is OPEN
August 15, 2016
We will have a large number of teams that play Short-Sided games in this tournament. We have under 8,9,10 playing 7v7; under 10 may opt to play 9v9; under 11,12 playing 9v9; under 12 teams may opt to play 11v11. Under 13-14-15 teams play 11v11. We encourage all current and new teams under 8 through under 15 teams to make their soccer tournament debut at the adidas Warrior Fall Classic.

WHEN: October 22-23, 2016 Where: Dayton OH

FEES: u8-u10 (7v7) $425; u10-u12 (9v9) $550; u12-u15 (11v11) $600;

AGE GROUPS: u15 born or after 1/1/02; u14 born or after 1/1/03; u13 born or after 1/1/04; u12 born or after 1/1/05; u11 born or after 1/1/06; u10 born or after 1/1/07; u09 born or after 1/1/08; u08 born or after 1/1/09;

APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 8, 2016. All applications received by the deadline will be evaluated equally in the selection process. Applications received after the deadline will automatically be placed on a waiting list.

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Are you in the right place?
August 01, 2016

The SPRING Classic Tournament has a RED background. It is at www.warriorclassic.com

The FALL Classic Tournament has a BLACK background. It is at www.warriorFALLclassic.com

Before attempting to log in, apply either as a team or a referee, OR call/email us, make sure you are in the right place first! It will save us both some time and frustration.


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adidas Warrior Halloween Fall Classic
Warrior Soccer Club - PO Box 24232 - Dayton OH 45424 (937) 233-7958 Carol
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